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Mon-Fri: 11am–8pm
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Av. Dom João II
Expo Sul, Lisboa

912 557 332

The best way to relax in Lisbon

Massages and Rituals

Quiromassage Sports and Relaxation

Perfect techniques of relaxation and antisstress. It relaxes the muscular part and has a miraculous effect for nervous system (it has a sedative effect, diminishing the physical and mental fatigue). Stimulates and strengthens muscles.
 For men, women and couple

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4 Hands Massage

A candle, an aroma, music, two therapists, four hands running through your body in a massage, which wraps you in unlimited sensations … Beneficial effect of this massage: relaxation of the muscular part and antisstress.

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Massage of Tantric Concept

It is a technique with therapeutic power to stimulate and lift the libido. The massage therapist relaxes and softens the muscular part and at the same time stimulates all the vital points of your body.
For men, women and couple.

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Oriental Massage

After a hard day, your body will just ask to relax and relieve stress. This Oriental treatment will help you to expel pain, muscle tension and relax the body. It is a luxury massage, shrouded in an aura of mystery…
For men, women or couple.

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Massage of the Emotions

Some candles, an aroma, a music, two therapists, four hands running through your body in a massage, which involves you in sensations without limit … Effect relaxation of the muscular part and antisstress.
For men, women or couple.

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massagem romantica

Romantic Massage

A massage full of feelings, erotic energy and pleasure. Made inside the jacuzzi with silky and aromatic foam. The therapist inside the jacuzzi relaxes your body with affectionate movements…

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In a few hours of euphoria and relaxation, you will cheer and breathe with a new energy needed for new goals and achievements.

Our team will be happy to provide you with a unique and relaxing experience…


Erotic and Fantasy

It is a massage for those who like to feel provoked and stimulated before starting the massage … Here you will enjoy a complex and magical massage, a delight with delicate, tender and light caresses.
For men, women or couple.

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hammam ritual imperador

Ritual Hamam Emperor

Hamam combines the functionality and structural elements of its predecessors in Anatolia, Roman baths and Byzantine baths, with the Central Asian tradition of steam baths, a ritual of purification through water and respect.
For men, women or couple.

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Ritual Hawaii

A magic technic that works miracles to relax, tone and moisturize your body in the summer. Imagine: you lie with closed eyes, listen to the pleasant music and begin to feel the hands of the therapist …

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It was a friend who recommended me the Russian SPA and I must say I loved it! A harmonious space, full of glamor and seduction where I enjoyed the most relaxing massages I have ever experienced. Something to repeat, no doubt!

Paulo Simões

No one can remain indifferent…
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Ritual Island of Paradise

A great place to get rid of stress, forget daily rush, meetings, phone calls… You will be doubly pleased to spend this wonderful moment in a sophisticated, clean, harmonious space accompanied by shade of candles and rose petals,…
For men, women or couple.

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Ritual Sauna and Vichy Shower

In our Fito-Sauna, you can enjoy the unique experience of a wet massage, made with heated herbs, steam and aromatherapy, that recovers the most relaxed atmosphere of the past – the aromas of wood and…

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Russian SPA

The best way to relax in Lisbon. Visit us and discover all the benefits of a sensual massage.

Get Rid of Stress

Relax and breathe with a new energy, necessary for new achievements and achievements.

Enjoy the Sensuality

and awaken to a world of sensations and erotic pleasures unknown until now. Visit the Russian SPA!

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and enjoy sensual massages and relaxing and healthy moments. Nobody can remain indifferent!

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